The story behind the label

As a child I was attached to some of my clothes, which I would wear repeatedly till my mother actually had to hide them. I deeply cherished these garments, especially the ones that lasted long and stayed with me. This fascination for clothes sustained into adulthood when I learnt the craft of textile designing, dyeing, printing, spinning and weaving. I was immersed in the art of making beautiful fabrics.

In my early professional years, I was not conscious of the adverse effects of the garment industry where profit was the driving motive. A significant number of clothing companies focused on producing clothes at the cheapest rates. The result was non-durable clothing, careless disposal of hazardous waste and use of ecologically unsound chemical dyes. The world is paying the price for this today. After many long years of thought and exploration, REEPEAT emerged. We seek to ameliorate these adverse effects by developing a brand of versatile, conscious clothing for mindful people who are sensitive to the environment.

Our credo : beauty and strong beliefs

Whether you are attending meetings, lounging around the house, taking a walk around town or enjoying weekends, Reepeat has clothing for every occasion that puts durability, functionality, comfort and style together. Do your bit for our planet with Reepeat clothing. Delve into the range of styles that you can wear with each changing season. Enjoy the benefits of dressing mindfully. Reepeat is a go to destination for meaningful, sensible clothing for the modern women.

Reena Pavithran Krishnan

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