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Fashion For Every Season: Reepeat. In’s Stylish And Environmentally-Friendly Collections

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As fashion enthusiasts, it’s crucial to prioritise sustainability and make eco-conscious decisions to reduce our environmental impact. Let’s dive into some exciting and practical ways to dress sustainably throughout the year!

By embracing sustainable fashion across seasons, we reduce our ecological footprint and support a positive shift towards a more responsible fashion industry. Let’s make conscious choices in our clothing habits to protect our planet and create a lasting impact on the world of fashion. Together, we can lead towards a more sustainable and stylish future! Yes, it is possible to enjoy clothing without the harsh planetary impacts and needlessly wasteful production practices. And just because it’s sustainable doesn’t mean it can’t be on-trend! On the contrary, the following trends show that sustainable fashion can be worn at all times and every season. 

Fashion For Every Season

Trend #1: Midi Dresses

Most of our dresses from the current collection fall on or below the knee, suggesting that the unofficial cut of summer 2023 is indeed Midi. As the most flexible and versatile of dress cuts, the Midi design is perfect for a stress-free summer. Go barefoot across the beach, wear sandals on the boardwalk, or dress them up for an evening out.


Hand embroidered with the embellishment of organza silk. Cinched at the waist, this is an effortless way to apply the midi trend. 

Trend #2: Cute Prints

The fling you didn’t know you needed! Cute slow fashion prints are a new trend dancing across one of our best-loved sustainable dresses for this spring. 

Naturally dyed lavender lilac cotton top with peasant sleeves

Trend #3: Organic 3D Cotton

It was big last summer, and now it’s back for more! We’ve explored and experimented with the soothing properties of organic cotton to bring you a variety of trendy styles this spring/summer. The show’s Star is Alia Organic Cotton 3d Embroidered With Organza Silk. It’s practical; it’s playful; it’s wonderfully wavy. 

Trend #4: Colour Crush

Whatever the weather is, you’ll want at least one style that stands out for its unique use of colour. At Reepeat, that style is Karishma 3D Flower Embroidery dress. Hand embroidered with embellishment of natural dyed fabric. Embrace the colourful trend by making this kaleidoscopic style all yours.

Trend #5: Linen Is In

Somewhat predictably, linen is in fine form year-round! A natural, low-impact fibre, the fabric is a slow-fashion favourite. We’ve made the most of it this season by using it in various designs. First, we’ve got the loose linen shirt with bird embroidery on one side. 

Trend #6: Natural Dyes 

We’ve just released a beautifully simple summer capsule called Ecological Identity, featuring mineral dyes that live up to the name. Natural dyes are having a moment in niche corners of the industry as brands realise the potential to disrupt fashion’s disastrous relationship with water pollution.

The funny thing about our naturally dyed styles is that you can hardly tell them apart from the rest of the collection! They are vivid, rich, and… sourced from minerals, plants, and even tree bark. Leading us neatly onto our next spring/summer trend. 

Tips For Stylish And Environmentally-Friendly Collections For Every Season

1. Spring

Embrace Natural Fabrics: Opt for clothing made from organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo, which are not only sustainable but also breathable for the warmer days of spring.

2. Summer

Light and Breezy: Choose lightweight and airy fabrics like linen to stay cool while keeping your carbon footprint low.

3. Fall

Layering with Purpose: Invest in versatile and durable pieces that you can layer throughout the season, maximising the use of your sustainable wardrobe.

Upcycling Old Pieces: Get creative and upcycle old clothing into new styles or accessories, reducing waste while adding a personalised touch to your fall outfits.

4. Winter

Look for coats and jackets made from recycled materials or sustainable alternatives like recycled polyester or wool.

Year-Round Tips

Mindful Consumption: Before purchasing, consider whether the item aligns with your style and can be worn multiple times, promoting a more mindful approach to fashion.

Eco-Friendly Brands: Support ethical and sustainable fashion brands prioritising fair labour practices and environmentally friendly production processes.

Let’s create a more sustainable and stylish future! Join us by making a small investment and delivering a huge impact. Only one step forward and make a difference!

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