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Why Reepeat is the Go-To Choice for Eco-Friendly Clothing in india

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Reepeat has grown as a brand that has cemented its base upon environmental consciousness and aims to deliver the same through our collection that are sustainable and eco-friendly clothing in every sense.

Live our story and love nature in the best possible way.

With sustainability as our primary aim, we have created a brand that offers the utmost comfort yet a chic look to all beautiful women. Where clothes are not just a piece of fabric but a testimony of care and humility to the environment.

What started with the childhood learnings of reusing clothes for an extended period, Reepeat today offers versatile fashion choices where one can be fashionable and still be eco-friendly

Reepeat has so much more to offer beyond satisfying the needs of fashion trends. Keep reading to know more and what makes us unique and your ultimate destination for online shopping.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials:

We do not call ourselves sustainable just for the sake of it but have instead imbibed it into every aspect of us. And this is all where it starts. Reepeat uses eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and many more, to manufacture its clothes. We ensure that most of our clothes can be used for a long time and reused without losing quality. In addition, the materials used are also biodegradable and thus cause no harm to the surrounding nature.

Innovative Designs:

Sustainable clothing can be exciting and fun, provided you know the right place to look. On Reepeat, we have a diverse collection of clothes for women to prepare for different occasions and events. We have everything from office wear to traditional kurtas, dresses, and jumpsuits on our online platform. Thus, you don’t have to seek multiple sites to find the perfect attire.


Being sustainable doesn’t have to stress your pockets. Such kinds of clothes are very much accessible economically for everyone. Thus, we offer affordable prices for our eco-friendly clothing collection so everyone can enjoy the comfort and high quality.

Socially responsible:

Ultimately it all comes down to how our brand gives back to society and encourages people to adopt sustainable practices. In addition to making Reepeat a sustainable brand, most of our clothes are produced in different parts of the country, giving the clothes the best essence of tradition and culture evident in the designs and style, thereby empowering the manufacturers

Zero waste:

We strive with this philosophy and ensure that we use every scrap of fabric to produce new clothes, thus significantly reducing wastage, especially during production. This also lowers the textile waste that often goes into landfills. Therefore, we manufacture our clothes in a way that can be reused longer without compromising the quality.

Give your fashion choices a tint of freshness and add something unique to your closet with Reepeat as your next stop it might even become your go-to choice for eco-friendly clothing in India

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